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“Don’t fall for the trick.
You’re not alone.
You never have been.
You never will be.
I know it’s easy for you to think you’re in a one-I show.
Your pain feels so personal.
So close.
But I will say it again,
You’re not alone.
‘Then show me,’ I hear you say.
I do.
I am.
Every moment of you, I am.
You’re linked to me, like breeze to a fan.
Scent to a flower.
Rays to the sun.
It’s only your way of perceiving yourself that you mistake me for someone else.
Some thing else.
When all is us.
You thought you were this minuscule piece of star dust?
Give yourself a break.
The only reason you can’t think of yourself as being bigger than who you think you are, is because you can’t think that which is beyond thought.
The thought basket is too small for you.
You can’t fit in.
But I’ll give you credit, because you really do try.
And as a result, you suffer.
I’m not asking you to believe me.
I don’t want you to believe me.
I want you to find out for yourself.
To know.
You feel unloved?
You’re listening to the wrong voice.
You’re scared of death?
You’re paying attention to the wrong images.
Everything is going to be fine.
You don’t even have to trust me.
You will see.
But you can choose to see before you are confronted with your fears, and they give rise to seeing.
Have you noticed that when you confront a fear it evaporates?
And you think, ‘What was I scared for?’
You’re on the right track.
I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you:
I’m here because you are.
Now hold that head up high and shine our light.
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