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When we find the courage, the motivation and the inspiration to go for something, we need to protect these attributes from outer and inner influences.

It’s so easy to let them slip through our fingers, and when that happens there’s a danger of us turning our backs on our dreams and aspirations for good. 

When I was a postman, I delivered to a lady who knew I had just published my first book, due to an article that appeared in the local newspaper. 

She confessed to me she had written a book of her own. A novel. 

I was surprised. By this time I knew her pretty well, as I did most of my customers, and never once had she told me she was writing a book.

“Have you tried to get it published?” I asked.

She shook her head, almost with a childlike innocence.

“I daren’t,” she said. “It’s finished, but it’s just in the drawer, next to my bed.”

This whole wanting to keep our creative expression to ourself was new to me. When I was making music, I would send off demo CD after demo CD, hoping that a record label, one day, would bite the bait. 

“What worries you the most?” I asked her.

“Them not liking it. And if they tell me it’s a load of rubbish then… well… it’s just safer in my drawer.” She laughed uncomfortably.

By them she meant literary agents. 

I admit, it can be daunting sending off a manuscript.

Our piece of work, whatever it may be, is like our baby. We want to protect it.

But like an overprotective parent we can end up not allowing our children to experience the world, to have a life of their own.

Send them on their way with a smile and wave.

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