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Although I’m rather new to the world of WordPress, and I’m still tweaking my site here and there, one thing I really wanted to get sorted out was my blog’s identity.

(By ‘identity’, I mean our site’s subtitle.)

I feel it’s important to get it right.

These were the options I considered before settling with For the Greater Good:

  1. Author, Writer & Speaker
  2. Author, Writer, Friend
  3. There’s More to Life
  4. There’s Only Life

The first option was okay. It was straight to the point. When you see Author, Writer & Speaker, you know straight away who the blog is written by. You would hope, anyway.

But it doesn’t say much about my blog’s content.

The second option, Author, Writer, Friend, although similar to the first, felt a tad cheesy. I do go through life believing there are no strangers, only friends we haven’t met yet, so I really do consider you as a friend already.

But using that as my site’s ID… no, again, it doesn’t reveal anything about the blog’s content – other than it might be friendly.

You can tell, by looking at the third option, that I was moving more towards my esoteric interests.

I’m interested in: spirituality, personal development, self-help, the workings of the mind, meditation, mindfulness, the power of love, astrology, the tarot, creativity, self-belief, visualisation, dreaming a dream and going for it, life after death – all the juicy stuff.

So why didn’t I settle for There’s More to Life?

Because it quickly dawned on me that it said “Gavin Whyte: There’s More to Life”. Now, there’re two ways one can read this: One being as if Gavin Whyte (me) is being told there’s more to life. And the second way of looking at it is that there’s more to life than Gavin Whyte.

Not exactly the first impression I want to give.

So I considered the fourth option, There’s Only Life.

But I imagined people seeing it and saying, “Yeah, so what?” and not giving the content a chance. I believe there is only life, and that death, as a definite stop, is an illusion (more about that in future posts), so I liked this subtitle. It was rubbing shoulders with my philosophy.

I was close to settling for it, but I realized that every time I thought about it, or saw it when I logged in, my stomach gave a slight twinge.

It had to go. Something wasn’t right.

I unplugged my Mac and took it into the living room, where my wife was looking at her phone (Facebooking), and asked her for some suggestions.

She usually has good ideas, and the way she was looking at me, as if she was really flexing those creative muscles of hers, I honestly thought she was going to deliver a bombshell of a subtitle. But when she said, “What about Student of the Universe?” I nearly got up and walked away.

I blame Facebook for numbing her creativity.

The next morning, whilst walking our little dog, I was thinking about my blog and all the stuff I wanted to write about. Then it hit me: Everything I want to write about is to inspire, and to bring joy, peace, love, to motivate, to remind, encourage and to be of use to the reader, aka – you.

I want my writing to be my contribution to making the world a teeny-tiny bit better than when I came here, 34 years ago.

“Everything I want to write about is for the greater good,” I said to myself out loud.

And then I repeated it.

And repeated it again.

For the greater good!


(…and then just over 12 hours after publishing this post I changed my site’s subtitle to Writing for the Greater Good. Okay… now I think that’s the final one.)

What’s your blog identity and what does it say about you?

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