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I have often thought it strange that many of us think death only happens to others.

I keep coming back to this topic, and will forever keep coming back to it too, because it plays such a big part in how I live, and in how I perceive life.

I have heard that many people who get cancer say it woke them up. For the first time, they see just how amazing life is. They may suddenly notice trees; how they seem to be waving at them when the wind blows. The sound of the rain may get amplified like never before, and the patterns in the puddles, formed with every drop, may seem like breathtaking art.


“For the first time I feel alive,” they say. “It’s just a pity I had to have my body riddled with cancer to find out.”

But is it really the first time they have felt so full of life, or have they simply forgotten what it was like to be a child?

We have all experienced that.

But as we age, we so easily grow numb to the wonders that are forever on display around us.

Don’t wait until your body is riddled with some disease before you feel alive again.

Don’t let that be your wake-up call.

Most of us don’t have cancer, or any other terminal illness, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a possibility that we won’t be diagnosed before our next birthday.

I’m not being melodramatic, or trying to frighten you.

I’m stating a fact.

I’m using these words as an attempt to wake you up.

If you’re already buzzing with life, and feel inspired, and are striving for things you want to go for, then good for you. If you feel happy with yourself, content and at peace – good for you!

Seriously, brilliant. That’s amazing.

But so many of us put on the brakes before we have even started.

What’s holding you back, besides fear?

The Dalai Lama was right when he said, “We are all born with the seed of our own demise.”

It’s true.

As soon as we are born, the process starts.


What something like cancer does, is shoves life’s hands in our face, so that its tick-tock-tick-tock is louder than ever.

When will you start writing that book?

When will you start going jogging?

When will you start to lose weight?

Stop putting it off!

Do it!


“What’s the point if I’m going to die anyway?”

A defeatist attitude doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

If you think life is pointless, try looking with fresh eyes, as if you’re going to be blind in a minute’s time.

Go on, do it.


If you do it correctly, I bet something clicks deep within you.

Pay attention to it.

You will soften, perhaps even overcome, the numbness you have formed around your senses.

Death is coming, my friend. When will you fully accept this?

Use death as an excuse to live life!

Don’t delay because of a belief that you’ll do it all in your next life.

Who told you you were going to have a next life?

This is life! Here, now.

You must do your best to live life your way. Nobody has ever walked your path before, and nobody ever will.

Leave your magic, not your ass-print on the sofa, or your prints on the cellphone.

When will you apply for that job, start that business, pick that paintbrush up, and fill that blank canvas with the chaos going on behind your eyes?

That’s your chaos – completely unique to you.

Use it! Don’t be ashamed of it.

When will you make your next move, at work, or in your love life?

What, you’re afraid? Fear shows us where we need to grow. It’s the outermost wall of our comfort zone.

As soon as you do the thing you’re afraid of doing, the fear of it vanishes.

It’s like the snake that turned out to be a rope. You don’t go back to being afraid of the rope.

Come on, my friend.

Go live.

Do it. Whatever it is you’re procrastinating over.

Start it today – and make sure you don’t stall at the planning stage!


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