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As I write, I have various things stuck to the wall in front of me.

I have a drawing of our dog that my wife did.

Drawing of Hanbao

Notice the two hearts 🙂

I have a purple post-it note, in the shape of a bear, which my wife doodled on, adding some details. Now it’s a smiling bear with a scarf around its neck, just like the Taiwanese black bear.

Cute Taiwan bear drawing

I have a postcard a friend bought me. It’s light brown, and at the top are the words, “Be Everyday.”

Be Everyday postcard

I like reminders like this. As simple as they are, we all need them every now and then.

All that I have listed so far is to the left of my eyeline. Directly in front, however, on an A4 piece of paper, are these words from the Gita:

The illumined soul…

Thinks always: “I am doing nothing.”

No matter what he sees,

Hears, touches, smells, eats…

This he knows always:

“I am not seeing, I am not hearing:

It is the senses that see and hear

And touch the things of the senses.”

And below that is this:

The Atman is that which does not die

Look at them carrying the body, in the background.

I connect with this so deeply, and yet I need reminding of it not only on a daily basis, but from moment to moment.

So easily I forget.

So easily I fall into the trap of excessive thinking, and mistaking those thoughts for I.

When we break free from identifying with the thoughts of the mind, and instead identify with the awareness that is aware of the thoughts, which is the same awareness that the body and the entire universe is in, then our fear of death is eliminated. And when our fear of death is diminished, love, joy, peace, and stillness ensue.


The above quote wasn’t taken directly from the Gita, but from the amazing book How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali.

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