The Intangible Touch (A Poem)

Life in Taiwan, Poetry / Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

Surgeons on the underground,

Operating on an illusion,

To improve their lives.

Their enclosed world,

Where nobody exists,

And no thing does either,

Other than the Operation,

Of an intangible touch.

Lovers become strangers,

Until only strangers remain,

In a loveless world,

Other than the love,

Of the Operation.

Speak during It,

And be met by a nothing,

That was once someone,

You knew,

You loved,

You still care for,

But is now a momentary void,

That you stare at in wonder.

The world,

And all thoughts and opinions of it,

Are pushed to the back of the queue,

For the sake of the Operation.

Press send,



A smiley face with a drop of sweat,

And the world returns;

A world that sits and waits,

To be experienced,

Without the distraction of an Operation,

That never,


Needed to happen.


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