Our Little Friend (A Poem)

Life in Taiwan, Poetry / Friday, December 29th, 2017

A white friend,

You dreamt of,

When your friend was grey.

Tail not wagging,

But happy, you knew,

Happily waiting.

Years later, you met,

And you remembered the dream.

A messenger in white…

I am the start,

Of the rest of your life;

Follow me,

I will guide you,

And all will be well.

And you can tell,

Me many tales,

Of how your old life fell,

Through your fingers.

Of how you had to let go,

To catch something new:

Something borrowed,

Something blue.

Why else do you think I visited you?

We said goodbye,

And a thank you,

Hoping that one day,

It will be our turn,

To visit you.


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