Conversation (A Poem)

Poetry / Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

A Conversation that wants to go somewhere,

That has a personality,

And a sense of adventure.

A Conversation that has a purpose,

But it’s okay not knowing it,

Just as long as it’s moving on.

A Conversation that’s in it for the ride,

That doesn’t sell its soul,

By rushing to the finish line.

A Conversation whose soul intention,

Is the expression of something soulful,

And so doesn’t believe in smalltalk.

A Conversation that can be picked up,

After a year or more of silence,

Has unabashed depth.

A Conversation that gets to the heart,

Of a pressing matter,

So close that it dances to its rhythm.

A Conversation that recovers itself,

With ease, and isn’t concerned,

With its demise.

A Conversation that aims for truth,

Even if it concludes,

That truth is beyond itself.

A Conversation that is an art form,

That must be cherished,

To be saved.


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