Just Like Flowers (A Poem)

Life in Taiwan, Poetry / Friday, January 5th, 2018

They are like flowers,

The way they bend and flow.

In their beauty, too,

They are very much like flowers.

They follow the same moves,

More than fifty of them,

All bending and flowing,

Yet not one is the same,

Like flowers accepting the wind.

You see them in the park,

Morning and evening,

And they stand on patches of grassless ground,

Bending and flowing,

All following one,

Yet all of them different,

Just like flowers.

If you’re listening to the right music,

The sight of them can fill your eyes with tears,

Just like flowers can.

And just like flowers,

They probably have no idea,

How wonderful they look,

Bending and flowing,

Like flowers accepting the wind.


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