When I Am Here (A Poem)

Poetry / Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

When I am Here,

the world,

every moment –

(although just this one) –

is bathing

in an unfathomable peace.

When I am Here,

every-day things,

not the simplest of things,

become the most wondrous:

a blade of grass,

a stranger’s smile,

the wind against my skin,

the reflection of a bird in a puddle,

and they often move me to tears,

when I am Here.

Untainted joy.

When I am not Here,

everything is diluted by Just;

just a smile;

just a bird;

just the wind;

just a human;

and I am left feeling guilty,

and disappointed in myself,

because Just is ignorance

in the making.

Trying to get rid of Just

doesn’t seem to work,

and so I gamble with it,

hoping that today,

just for a moment,

it will subside,

and allow me to be Here.

“The day you teach the child the name of the bird,

the child will never see that bird again.”



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