A Writer’s Quest – Part 2

Writing / Sunday, February 4th, 2018

*Note: This post will only make sense to you if you read Part 1 first.


The good lady showed up!

I’ve written 913 words (when my intention was 750). I was going to continue, but I said in Part 1 I was going to report back to base at a specific time, so here I am.

She showed up!

My muse whispered sweet somethings in my ear, and I typed away.

God that feels good.

When people ask me why I write, I know they haven’t felt that wave of euphoria that comes with having a sweet peck on the cheek from their muse.

That elated feeling that comes with knocking back a shot of inspiration.

Being tuned in.

When everything’s just that ahhhh feeling.


Being a writer is great.

It’s damn hard, but it’s great.

Now then, let’s see if she visits me tomorrow.


Thanks for reading 🙂




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