Do You Remember? (A Poem)

Poetry / Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Do you remember to go easy on yourself,

when control appears to be slipping away?

Do you remember what it was like to lose control,

and be OK with it,

even smile at it?

Do you remember what it was like to laugh

at your mistakes,

with the knowledge that mistakes are part of It?

Do you remember to love yourself,

to have patience with yourself,

to have compassion for yourself,

to forgive yourself,

when the world,

to your ears and eyes,


Do you remember to trust,

to take leaps of faith,

into the dark,

even when those around you say stay safe,

and be careful?

Do you remember to breathe,

to know what it’s like to breathe,

as a child,

knowing that this breath is completely new,

and will never be again?

Do you remember to look and see,

without knowing what you’re looking at:

without needing to know?

Do you remember to forgive those

that did you wrong,

at some other time and place,

when they were lost,

and acted as if they knew?

Do you remember that you are

what you are looking for,

and that it’s OK,

completely safe,

to stop looking?

Do you remember that you are?

Do you remember that one day,

you won’t be,

and that This is it?

Do you remember to be at peace

with This?

Do you remember that everything’s

going to be OK?



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