When the Tree Meets (A Poem)

Poetry / Thursday, February 21st, 2019

When the tree meets the wind,

they dance an ancient dance,

choreographed by the mountains,

before shushing themselves to rest.

When the tree meets the snow,

the tree willingly takes on the snow’s burden,

cold and heavy,

making its branches frown.

When the tree meets the sun,

they celebrate one another’s presence,

with colours and perfumes,

making the birds sing.

When the tree meets the rain,

the rain makes the tree laugh

tears of joy,

nourishing its roots, like only laughter can.

When the tree meets the storm,

it waits patiently for the heavens

to settle their differences,

smiling at their drama.

When the tree meets the moon,

it tells of who it has met in the day,

before falling asleep,

listening to the stars.



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